GEMINIGA ORGANICS is a family-owned and family-operated company, founded by the retired pharmacist who dedicates her life to research on the benefits of natural plant-based ingredients on skin. She especially loves searching for a wide range of Thai herbal ingredients and medicinal plants that are gentle, efficient and safe for her homemade skincare products used in her family.  She discovered that we should not assumed natural ingredients would possess inherent safety. The purity of nature would bring more healthy living and happier life together.

When new family members came, little twin baby boys-Thee&Tyme Bejrananda, GEMINIGA was established for commercial purpose in corporation with our manufacturing partner who have been involved for over 13 years in the development and manufacturing of organic and natural products in Thailand. Our laboratory benefits from an exceptional setting in the southwest of Chiang Mai- Thailand’s “Rose of the North”-one of the world’s top 15 cities in 2017. Thanks to its pleasant sub-tropical climate and stunning natural scenery for our unique creation that guarantee you the privilege of exclusivity.

 “GEMINIGA”, referring to “Gemini”-the astrological sign of the twins, is used as our brand name. We firstly introduced the collection “GEMINIGA Baby” to the market and our range has grown to “GEMINIGA Beauty” due to the positive response and feedbacks from our customers. Only the finest quality raw materials are specially sourced from around the world to create the premium organic skincare products, which are gentle and safe for babies, kids and people with sensitive skin.

All of our organic products carry the internationally recognized United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification, verifying that our products are produced and processed regarding the requirements and strict standards for organic integrity. In addition, we are accredited by the Halal certification that guarantees our products meet the requirements of Islamic law. Our production is environmental-friendly production and technology, rewarded by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion of Thailand. Evidently, we only provide our customers the high quality of organic skincare products. We are constantly researching and working in truly organic and natural skincare for a modern healthy lifestyle with the goal to only supply our valued customers the very best.

Our products are all natural, synthetic & harsh chemical free, contain organic ingredients that are very kind to your body and earth friendly, with no humane practices or environmental hazards.

Why take a risk when you could use the purely organic and natural products from us?

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