Wonderfully moisturizing facial soap, made with specially selected natural ingredients, is ideal for extremely sensitive skin. Perilla seed oil, also known as Shiso, Japanese mint or Chinese basil, is traditionally grown in East Asian countries. It is extracted from the plant called Perilla frutescens, which is a member of the mint family. This oil is a great source of several essential fatty acids which are helpful for the skin, especially sensitive skin. Perilla seed oil not only helps soothe and calm sensitive skin, but also offer the skin a number of other benefits that will change your sensitive skin from weary to looking lively, natural glowing, and moisturized. Certified organic cocoa butter and plant- based oils provide natural moisture while nourishing and protecting the skin.


This pure and unscented soap bar is ideal for extremely sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Completely unscented, this natural soap bar contains no added colours, herbs or essential oils. It’s also free of synthetic foaming agents that can easily irritate skin. Instead, it’s full of lovely natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter to keep your skin soothed and hydrated. This soap is also a great choice for camping as it contains no scents to attract wildlife or bugs. Sometimes less is more.

Cocoa-Shiso Revitalizing Facial Soap

  • Create a creamy lather in your palms with clean water and gently massage the lather over your face. Rinse with water thoroughly.

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